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Also, if you choose to go the hybrid app development approach - MacOS can build iOS apps in addition to Android apps. While Windows can only do Android. If you choose to do React Native - their CLI tools often throw random errors in Windows, for me at least, which have proven to be due to a lack of optimizations for RN on Windows. I don't have those issues in MacOS.
I'm a recent convert..


Mac for developing on iOS and Mac OS X, windows for C# .net environment, for any other reason, there's Linux which works well on any case, including react native


Well OS X can also build Android apps. I'd rather go with the platform that can do everything.


Hey @seanmclem , I started working on react native too and I’m using windows now since more than a year. I was happy with my switch from MacOS to Windows. But working with react native really has some issues on windows. I have no comparison now but maybe you have some more details for me why using a mac is better for react native?
React native might bring me back to macOS but somehow I don’t want to switch back again....


I've been a Windows-only user for decades. I was recently using Expo on Windows and I needed to eject to an unmanaged workflow, but there were errors. The errors came from the fact that the eject script used Unix commands not compatible with powershell. Sure, I could have used WSL to run a Linux terminal in Windows, but that's a lot of work just for this one thing, and for why? This bug had been present for a while and had several github issues, but still not fixed. I've had lots of comparable issues with RN and other RN libraries in the CLI. Windows is clearly a lower priority for React Native devs. That's fine, it makes sense, React Native was originally iOS only. All my bugs went away once I switched to a MacBook I was given. Lots of other things have been easier too. Just generally happier.

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