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What might be a use-case where I would want a globalThis instead of just manually accessing window, or this?


It's a standard. So it will work consistently regardless of what environment the code is run in.


"As consistent as it can get".

Different global objects will expose very different APIs, so now instead of having to check if (typeof global !== 'undefined') global.nodeFeature(), you can now check:

if (globalThis.nodeFeature) { 
} else if (globalThis.webFeature) { 

I think it's useful, but it's just kind of deferring the problem, as you will still have to write platform-specific abstractions.

Yeah I guess that was my concern. If the different 'this' you're targeting can have radically different APIs, I would wonder why target them with a single globalThis instead of individually. I figured I was missing something..

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