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I have a somewhat different experience.

I quit my job last week and doing notice time now. It was a startup, I'm not a founder but I was there since almost the start (4+ years going from 4 people team to 20+).
Being a "veteran dev" had more drawbacks than advantages:

  • Knowing the old code base makes you its support guy by default. New devs aren't bothered to learn it because it would scare them off.
  • Customers know you're knowledgeable of their problems, so they ask you explicitly ("May I talk to X instead? He knows how to fix this").
  • New managers don't know what you accomplished, what you deserve, and where you suffered. All your achievements are reset and you have to proof yourself from scratch in their vision. This was the most tiring considering management changed every year in the past 3 years.
  • You're somewhat irreplaceable in your job and when you consider quitting you get the extra pressure from your teammates to stay, as if the fate of the team depended on it.
  • Management takes veterans for granted because "they have gone through worse anyway", so when you finally quit it's all shock and surprise.

I'm glad I decided to leave but this notice time is awkward.


That's an interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing.

I don't think you need to feel any guilt. You've obviously helped the company grow through your contributions. The best thing you can do to leave with your head held high is to probably continue giving it your all during the notice period and ensuring any appropriate handovers are made and documentation is signed off.

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