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Discussion on: What are/were your go to resources for learning Ruby and Rails?

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Don't forget the latest contender: Semicolon&Sons

The focus is on production web-apps. Instead of toy examples, the screencasts are situated inside a live codebase with a decade of legacy, hundreds of thousands of monthly sessions, and tens of thousands of monthly revenue -- and all the complications that accompany all this.

They are certainly not beginner screencasts, but are there to help people fill in the gaps when they are responsible for a deployed piece of software (ESPECIALLY if they are indie-hackers).

Things like architecture, non-brittle integration testing, data integrity enforced at an SQL level, monitoring and responding to production issues, integrating JS without fad frameworks, auditing gems and JS dependencies, softer stuff like SEO for programmers, etc.

You can check out the kind of content we’ve got here: