re: Frontend development becomes more difficult than backend development? VIEW POST


Totally. Most backend hard parts are already solved, you can pick the exact versions of everything your app is going to use (any dependency, framework, etc.) and even the hardware to be sure your app runs as expected, and you can even use backend as a service to avoid backend code.

Meanwhile, in the Frontend Web Application (not simple websites) world you need to learn three languages, most probably a framework or ecosystem of tools, you don't know where your app is going to run, it can be latest Chrome, two versions old iOS Safari in a tiny phone or whatever. You know nothing about the hardware, still your app is expected to work fine.

And never forget your UI should be unique so except for prototypes or internal tools you will need to do a lot of custom work all the time.

And don't forget Frontend can be desktop, mobile, etc. basically any client-side app is Frontend so you can know about Web Frontend, Desktop Frontend or Mobile Frontend, each one with it's own specific knowledge.

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