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Discussion on: “30 is the new 60” – Why your meetings can be cut in half

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Shayde Nofziger

I completely agree with this. In my experience, a well-crafted agenda leads not only to shorter meetings, but also more effective ones.

I'll add that if you are creating an agenda for a meeting, in addition to including an objective, try to highlight for others why they specifically are being asked to attend. Perhaps this is clear in the objective, but sometimes it might not be. You could do this by assigning a "point person" for each bullet point, making it clear that they are the person you are expecting to lead/guide the discussion of that topic.

I usually try to send out the agenda for a meeting 24 hours beforehand (if possible) to encourage others to understand the purpose of the meeting, and what they need to do to prepare for it.

I also encourage others to push back if they feel they aren't needed for the meeting. If it's agreed that their time could be better spent elsewhere, they are removed from the meeting invite.

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Justin Watt Author

Thoughtful and fantastic thoughts Shayde! Completely agree with what you're saying. Agendas FTW!