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Discussion on: What's the worst advice for a junior developer?

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But I need a job right now! say. Stop that short term thinking. Unless your job involves you working with really smart people that you can learn from every day, on technologies that are relevant and current (few junior developer roles offer you this), your time would be better invested learning skills to get out of the junior mindset. Long term, you will earn more money, be with better developer teams, and you will be more likely to work for a company that teaches and let’s you work with up to date technologies every day. Don’t work on updating a Wordpress plugin as the resident junior developer of a law firm. That won’t help you long term.

If you apply for junior developer roles, the best case scenario: You become a junior developer.

If you apply for intermediate developer roles, the best case scenario: You become an intermediate developer.

Don’t sell yourself short.

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Shiaondo-Orkuma • Edited on

Ps: this advice is from a senior developer who is currently mentoring me, I think it's worthy of note. I'm devoting my time to learn skills that will set me up for an intermediate role.
when I start applying eventually, I won't apply for junior developer roles.