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Discussion on: Any tips to become a web developer?

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Shifa Ur Rehman

Most of it is just from my perspective. No yell me plis

If you can't concentrate on things in the morning, its not a shameful thing to be awake late at night. Many big names achieved what they did because they stayed awake at night. Just beware of the health issues relative to it and take 10 hours of good sleep as regularly as you can. Be productive.
Think like a programmer before trying to be a programmer. Be good at Math (the better the tastier) and general studies if you're a student (Don't leave education because you think you can make a career out of development and don't need education anymore).

Teach people what you learn. Start writing a blog. Remember, just because you think something is too miniscule to learn, there are a million people who possibly don't understand what an tag is. And imagine, you can teach them what it is. That experience will make you solidify your own concepts.

1 - Learn HTML (It's not Hard. Just pay attention to the DOM).
2- Learn CSS (Not like tips and tricks, learn it as a predefined well written system and while at it, please try to understand what normalize.css and the likes of it are trying to achieve).
3- Learn CSS Flex and Grid and try to get hold of a good frontend library such as Bootstrap and Tailwind (People will hate me for this, but the curiosity alone of how they achieved something is going to lift you up. When you finally get off the ground, learn basics of SaSS, people will hate me even more now but you'll understand what I mean when you're done with it).
4- Javascript and DOM manipulation.
5- Fetch api and event handlers.
6- Go off to REACT! (Just kidding, you have many options now. You're 99% a frontend developer now. Anything else is that 1% away from you. VueJs, Angular, Svelte are just to name a few, but I consider react to be the most beginner friendly and understandable if you paid attention on javascript DOM).
7- Ditch React, move to Shadow DOM.
8- Marry and have kids.
9- Be a dad of a son.
10- Make him learn backend development.
11- Profit.

If you need advice on backend, do lemino.