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Discussion on: Attempting to Learn Go - Building Dev Log Part 04

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Steve Layton Author

I wish I could like this twice. ;) Thanks so much for the detailed comment and the links! panic and recover are on my list of things to get to, I've only given recover a cursory glance so far. And honestly, I didn't realize log.Panicf() was a thing, don't recall seeing it used anywhere (but could have missed it) though it makes perfect sense that it would since log.Panic() exists. I only have one spot where I gave myself a more detailed error message and that was after the return of parseFrontMatter() and that was only because I hit a weird issue when I originally wrote the function. I wish I had noted it down so I could have included it in the post but forgot.

I hope to fix up the front matter code to handle errors better by next week and you've given me a lot to consider which I think will help with that section and hopefully my code over all.