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Discussion on: Performance Budgets, do you use them?

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Shiraaz Moollatjie

For deploying on a backend, there isn't any pre deploy checks that we do as opposed to what you'll see on the frontend (like bundle sizes or app sizes). In go, you can run benchmarks as part of your CI using go benchmarks. This is one way of ensuring a budget is enforced pre deploy.

For monitoring, we just use Grafana and Prometheus alerts. These are integrated into slack. One of it's uses is to enforce performance budgets. So things like end to end, individual service and 3rd party call latencies have budgets. We also have a concept of "logging credits" to avoid too verbose logging.

So we don't really have reports for these. The reason is you only want to know about budgets that have breached, not ones that are "behaving". This I feel is something that's different to a payload based performance budget where the aim is to constantly reduce the payload size. I guess the way you interact with a performance budget changes with the context that you're working in.