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Discussion on: Incremental improvements can lead to significant gains

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Shreyas Ragavan Author

Thanks for the insight. I have to agree that I am very dependent on Emacs and this makes things difficult sometimes. It also makes it harder to 'sync' with others who are typically not using Emacs. However, I've usually been able to find acceptable workarounds within Emacs.

While I'd be open to explore shifting to a tool that gives me all I want and yet does not foster any crippling dependence whatsoever - I've not found such a tool.

I was also thinking that the more you are able to customize every single thing in the tool, and if you do almost everything with that tool - then dependence is inevitable. I guess it's not a critical problem, as long as the job gets done, and it helps that I enjoy tinkering :D

I'm not aware of TMSR, and could not find anything useful on the web. Could you please share a link / reference ?