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Discussion on: Stop procrastination get things done.

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Siarhei Siniak

it's not much of a procrastination itself. But say you commit a certain amount of effort, but the outcome is not clear, or zero.

Quite, often developers prefer not to procrastinate, but whine and complain about the issues with other projects. Cause, each time you encounter something new, you're not accustomed to, or something that goes the way opposite to a usual one, it brings up an obstacle, and discourages sometimes. Like there's an article, with a developer complaining about React 18/19 features. Maybe, it makes sense to visit a psychologist instead.

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Dule Martins Author

If you want your outcome to be clear or worth the time, you should be able to define what you want out of what you are doing.

Often I procrastinate because I think I have enought time to work on the project and feel it is not a big deal - If it is something I can deliver within a short time I mostly procrastinate but it doesn't always go that way.