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Discussion on: The Future of Content Hosting and Delivery?

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Hey Justin, I work for Nebulous and we really appreciate the look at Skynet! We're definitely taking a developer-centric approach to the platform and are really excited to see what developers around the world can do to make bring decentralization to the CDN show.

The creators claim that it’s more robust and more affordable than traditional cloud storage providers but I haven’t checked those claims in a production environment for myself.

We make that claim because all pricing info is public, and can be verified on third-party site SiaStats (

Thanks for mentioning the hackathon as well. We've done a couple in the past, and this should be a great opportunity to get started with Skynet and take a shot at some cool prizes. Have a great day!

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Justin Dorfman Author

Hey Steve, thanks for the link totally missed that. You have a great day/week too!