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Discussion on: What should you do after you fail the technical interview?

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Anna Simoroshka • Edited

I failed a technical interview but I asked for some tips on how and where I could improve and got really good and useful feedback. I helped me a lot by showing where I actually should put my efforts. For example, I thought I need to know frameworks and all kind of tools they put in job descriptions, but instead I was told to focus on things like functional programming and other basics and to become really fluent in them. It paid off. I think of that interview as an enlightening experience.

Btw, 1.5 years later I was invited there again and the interview went really well.

So, my advice is to ask for advice from your interviewers. :)

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Kevin Ard • Edited

Always ask for feedback. Unfortunately, it's not that common to actually get it, but definitely ASK. Even if it comes through 5%, that 5% usually has some real gems in it.

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Madison Kanna Author

That's great advice!