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Discussion on: Why Older People Struggle In Programming Jobs

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Sean Allin Newell

Ah yes, the senior engineer/principal/architect/wizard-ruler-rocker role.

I am recently coming off a lead position (over 3 devs) where i had two more senior than I devs under me and the other a bright college grad. I often scratched my head at why senior engineer X didn't do Y, and every time I asked myself, well, did I ask them to do that?

The clearer expectations are, the clearer everything is! I'm still gonna be working on thwt on my new role for sure; both upwards, downwards, and horizontally.

I'm also about to enter my thirties, so tryin' to chill out. Got a baby now!

amy poehler pregnant bouncing

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Chris Bongers

Yeah 100% not worth getting stressed out about, and I think as with many things communication is key, if you are a senior but none of your previous companies workers with Git (stupid example but it happens) are you then expected to use CI etc without ever being told.
Same for testing, Till this day it has never been a mark in any of the companies I work for, and I still feel comfortable being a senior without it.

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