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re: Haha totally agree, Spring is vastly overrated ... the point is of course that back then J2EE was so horrible that Spring felt like an improvement ...

Well, I understand how Spring achieved it's popularity. I just realize that there are rarely any justification to use it in new projects. For those who can't imagine their project without Spring "magic" there is a modern alternative (Micronaut) which solves significant amount of Spring issues and shifts huge part of run time reflection to compile time.

There are a lot of Java Web frameworks which are better than Spring - Spark, Jooby, Vert.x, etc. Vert.x, for example usually one of the top performers in Techempower benchmarks.

In my spare time I'm working on similar framework which is based on Promise-based asynchronous processing model and asynchronous I/O API present in recent Linux kernels - io_uring. I hope it will be extremely fast while easy to use.

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