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Got me at first too :) Though I will say, FP can make things complicated depending on how far down the rabbit hole you go. I've been working on a green field project, a little cluster of wrappers for some legacy SOAP services, using Java and Vavr - monad all the things - and I was super proud of the framework I'd built out. All exceptions handled using Try monads, all nullables handled with Options, lambda and functional interfaces used all over the place. Absolutely beautiful.

Then I had to teach it to some juniors fresh from college and some devs who - while good - don't care about pushing the envelope. If I had to do it again I really don't know whether I'd stick with FP - at least not that deep.

(For the record, they've been great at picking it up, as hard as it's been trying to explain it when I don't understand it that great myself.)

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