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Discussion on: Create a SPA with Laravel and Nuxt

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Cristian Pallarés Author

Did you change the configuration to change the public directory? The /_nuxt directory should be accessible publicly, so it should be at public/_nuxt, along with the index.php.

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Charlie Rydholm • Edited on

Yeah but I've deployed it to shared hosting so I was needed to place everything in my public folder into public_html So my folder structure does look like this now

---everything except public folder
---everything that was in the the public folder

So i need to change the path, when I try to launch my website it gives me 404 errors on the wierd file names. looking for it in myHostAddress/_nuxt/
But instead it should look for it in myHostAddress/myName/public_html/_nuxt

This happened directly after i built it and launched even if I keep the same folder structure, it seeks in myHostAddress/_nuxt/ instead of myHostAddress/myName/MyApp/public

Been trying to solve it for days now..

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Charlie Rydholm

Do I need to build a new application, because this does not support shared hosting?