Discussion on: How old have you been when you started programming and what was your first project?

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I was like 7-8? Got this personal microcomputer with BASIC on it. I discovered there is a banana.bas - a monkey throwing bananas game there. I started modifying it and learning from it's source code. Then I tried writing my own BASIC code doing mostly graphic output (overlapping circles, sinusoids, etc.). My real first programm was at 11-12 when I was learning ASM I wrote a loading screen similar to Windows 95 with moving bar at the bottom. Boy I spent pulling my hair out trying to figure out how the VGA palletes work in ASM... :D

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Michael Kohl

Haha, I remember doing CLI applications with interfaces similar to Borland Turbo Pascal/C and being so proud when learning how to use interrupt 33h for adding some basic mouse interactions.