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re: I think there's an underlying misunderstanding in all this discussion. I don't think anyone ever thought GH or SO were perfect mirrors of the langu...

Given your response, yes I would never use either of those three statistics or the combination to make a blanket statement that X is the most popular because, as you state, we can't. I think it's misleading and uninformed.

We can say plenty using those three stats without making assumptions and call them as if they're facts :).

I can go into the specific questions you ask later, when I have the capability to give you an articulated response, but for now I'd would say: I'm glad I made you think about it, yes I am partially playing the devil's advocate because I wánt people to think about it and yes: I think there is far less JS comparatively on non-github svns, which ties in with less open source, less packaging and more enterprise and closed source software.

Do I think JS will keep growing? DEFINITELY! Will I use SO and GH as the source to determine that it's the most popular language? Personally I will never for the reasons I've mentioned so far, until I can be more certain that they are a good reflection of the programming world as a whole.

Also: thank you so much for taking the time and writing it like you did. ❤❤❤

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