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I think that in order to learn you need to go through all of these steps, after all if you just used create-react-app you wouldn't have realized what was going on under all those commands; but after you learn what happens, why it matters and how it works, doing it all by hand is just going to slow you down, specially when starting a project.

P.S.: Tu aplicación es genial :)


Thank you! I agree about needing to do the configuration yourself, at least a few times, to fully learn what it's doing. I feel sorry for people who learn React and begin with CRA - it's a great place to start but it's also overwhelming to see so much configuration and have no idea what's going on!


Well, once you create a webpack config you hardly need to change it between projects. This means the only thing you do is copy it when you start a project.

Aftr that it's much easier when you need to change something.

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