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Discussion on: LinkedIn is for Losers? Think Again. From 💰 100k+ to 200K+ job opportunities. 🛠 Hacks Included.

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Fran González

Is there actually anyone who says that LinkedIn is for losers? I got most of my jobs and a lot of interesting offers from there.

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Ben Sinclair

I don't think people say it's "for losers", but there's definitely a lack of perceived value. It's seen as full of people who are trying to look better than they really are, partly by making connections with anybody and everybody they've ever spoken to or worked near.
People don't ask connections to make introductions to 2nd- or 3rd-level connections that I've ever seen (maybe it happens but nobody I know's ever mentioned it) and with the quantity-over-quality approach I suspect most people would be reluctant to agree to it.

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 Author

Yes, especially among devs 8+ years into their careers in North America. There was a time when LinkedIn held no value and this is what these developers remember and it's unbelievably difficult to get them to reconsider LinkedIn.