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re: Would it be fair to say that this conversation is fairly steeped in front-end web development? How might you spin this conversation when other pre...

Yes, my concepts were created in the context of web development. I was looking for solutions, which can make creating web components simpler and less confusing. Initially, I wasn't thinking about more general problems. I can't say certainly, that those ideas will be the best option in other contexts. However, I am sure, that is worth to try.

Described classes pitfalls are general. You have to deal with them regardless of what you create, next controller in your node.js application or component in your favorite framework. That is why I put an open question about JavaScript, not only in the web development context.

How might you spin this conversation when other present or hypothetical use cases are accounted for more centrally?

The first idea, which I would recommend to test is the property descriptor concept. It allows switching class definition to a plain object. What can we get in return? Possibility to test parts of the definition, share individual properties between definitions, using pure functions and many other.

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