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Discussion on: How To Start Web Development With Django 3.0.4

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Nikita Sobolev • Edited

Check out wemake-django-template: it is a bleeding edge django template focused on code quality and security.

It allows to jump start your new project filled with best practices, tools, and documentation with just two commands.

Some features:

  • Always up-to-date with the help of @dependabot
  • Supports latest python3.7+
  • poetry for managing dependencies
  • mypy and django-stubs for static typing
  • pytest and hypothesis for unit tests
  • flake8 and wemake-python-styleguide for linting
  • docker for development, testing, and production
  • sphinx for documentation
  • Gitlab CI with full build, test, and deploy pipeline configured by default
  • Caddy with https and http/2 turned on by default

GitHub logo wemake-services / wemake-django-template

Bleeding edge django template focused on code quality and security.

wemake-django-template Awesome Build status Documentation Status Dependencies Status wemake-python-styleguide

Bleeding edge django2.2 template focused on code quality and security.


This project is used to scaffold a django project structure Just like startproject but better.



Firstly, you will need to install dependencies:

pip install cookiecutter jinja2-git

Then, create a project itself:

cookiecutter gh:wemake-services/wemake-django-template

Who are using this template?

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