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Discussion on: One Command to Change the Last Git Commit Message

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Robert Myers

You live with the wrong commit message for that commit. Unless you are the only one on that branch, NEVER(*) use force. History rewriting is bad, and you can make others lose their work.

(*) For almost never values of never. The use cases are rare enough that it should never be scripted.

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Ahmad Awais ⚡️ Author

You folks are right!

You're right. After sharing this, what was meant to be a personal workflow, I ended up in long debates on Fb/Twitter about how this can be improved.

Here's what we end with git push --force-with-lease as shared here above (updated the post)

But I am still not satisfied, so I am building a git hooks based workflow to make sure no bad git commit message gets committed in the first place.

Thanks for mentioning that though. Peace! ✌️

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Robert Myers

If you are using a development environment that is integrated with git, --force-with-lease can have the exact same problems as --force