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Discussion on: SSO + Express JS + Passport-saml

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Sripalinm • Edited

Hi Mitesh, Initially, Thanks a lot for knowledge sharing, could you please share complete code with git location, and could you please share the link, your blog which mentioned decoding saml response.

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Mitesh Kamat Author

Hi There,
Thanks for writing. This is the post which I am referring to Parsing namespace. Actually, this code is a part of my team project but let me see if I can create a reproducible repo for the same which will be of help.

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Hi Mitesh, Really Thanks for the quick and kind response, and If its possible, then it will be the greatest help for me.

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Hi MItesh!! I want to know if you could do a reproducible repo? I'm new as a programmer and I was assigned to create a SP and It would be very helpful if I can use a repo as a guide :). Thank a lot for this post!