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Discussion on: Server Rendering in JavaScript: Why SSR?

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neoan • Edited

I am currently working on a project going outside of this paradigm. After seeing the enormous gains the JIT compiler introduced to PHP8, I started to revive an older dream:
Compiling VueJS 3.x components Server-Side in a way where imports are directly rendered to the Dom depending on entry-point and a SPA taking over once the client initialized. The effect is amazingly fast as the Back-end SSR result is exactly like the SPA result including iterations and conditionals offering not only SEO advantages but no "flash" when the SPA takes over, giving the user the illusion of immediate availability (which actually isn't even wrong as e.g. links would resolve as a-tags prior to the client being able to attach the SPA router). Further, a custom store solution provides a markup that enables a uniform API when writing components, regardless of whether the data is already available (as the route prerendered it), or whether a get-request is necessary. This in turn limits requests while providing a "don't need to think about it"-experience while developing.
It's a little premature to share yet, but let me know if you are interested when the time comes.