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Discussion on: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing

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Scott Simontis

You caught on to some brilliant points. One of my favorite newsletters to get is Joe Eames from He makes a habit of sending out e-mails every now and then where pure technical content is not the main focus at all; the e-mail is a chance to check in with readers and see if anyone is struggling and invite them to chat with him about it if they need to.

I recently had a couple days of my life that were crappy enough that a total stranger on the Internet asked if I was struggling with anything and without a second thought I had hit reply and was getting my job search frustrations off my chest, as I was struggling to find the job I really wanted and my bank was not-so-subtly telling me that I needed a job if I wanted a roof over my head next month.

Joe and I went back and forth a little bit and he gave me a three month subscription to the site for free. Not gonna lie, I cried. When you feel invisible to the world, it feels so rejuvenating to know that someone else was thinking of you and thought you were worthy of kindness. I got an opportunity to see his true character and I'm going to be sure to mention my experience vrry positively should anyone ask me about my experience with the site or him in the future.

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Garrett Author

That’s amazing! I fully believe that putting people first like that is the real key to success. It’s why I’m putting all my old marketing content (like this) here before deleting it from my website, which is turning over to my new business.

PS I’m sorry things are tough for you right now. You’ll make it through!