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Discussion on: Data Engineering Series #1: 10 Key tech skills you need, to become a competent Data Engineer.

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Joseph • Edited on

Hi Srinidhi,

It seems like some of the sections, in your article (dated May 19th 2020) are exact copies of the article at, published on May 11th and never edited

which I posted my blog at on March 20th 2020

Sections that are exact or subset copies:

SQL -> "Database Management - Relational Databases, OLAP vs OLTP, NoSQL"
Distributed Data Storage -> "Distributed Data Storage Systems"
Distributed Data processing -> "Distributed Data processing Systems"
Stream processing -> "Stream Data Processing"

comparison image 1
comparison image 1
comparison image 1

Also I noticed you cross posted this on medium at

I am totally fine with someone using my content but please at least link back to my article, I put a lot of research and work into this. And please be aware that this is against policy, medium's policy and a broader DMCA copyright policy. Hope you take this into consideration. Please let me know if you have any questions. Best wishes.

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