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re: IMO, all three phases have value. That first stage might feel like "what a fool I was", but in a lot of ways, that shit is enlightened! I think the...

You made some very good points here that first underline that people are different. That why I didn’t put “every developer” in the headline.

Regarding the phases: I still value them as experience but since I work in a large enterprise, 95% of my work needs to be high-quality maintainable code. So there is less room for experiments. However, we still do it from time to time intentionally and time-boxed. And what you describe is actually agile development. You start a small feature, put it out in the field quickly to get feedback and then change and add stuff iteratively.

Regarding the “find someone smarter”: that’s an exceptionally good thing if you are able to compare yourself objectively to older versions of you. But most of the time, I think the “frog slow cooked in a pot” metaphor applies where you are simply not aware of how it if you change and what might be an achievable goal.
I not sure if the bad experience you describe might be the result of a hazardous working environment fueled by seniors and managers that do not understand the value of making

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