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Actually, when I read your article I feel very cringy worthy so I promise you I am not gonna start a flame war.

I may be wrong if memory serves me right, in the intelligent investor book, he has written we should never invest in the industry that we are part of.

Instead, we should focus on investing in what we know, as we might have biases that we may not realise that cloud our judgement while investing in an industry that we are part of.

Aka "A hammer can solve everything when we view every problem we come across as a nail".

What I see is that depending on where you would like to end up in the near future.

Besides the usual technical prowess we are required to know, we should focus on writing, networking, branding as an expert, leadership, sales.

To be a person who creates a ripple effect that galvanizes a whole group of people to act in a cause you believe in. Instead as being an independent contributor that is my own personal opinion.


This is the kind of constructive comment that elevates the conversation level.
I love it


Thanks for the complements, I think that it's good that you add a different blend of the usual articles here.

Which comes from business books, self help and politics which I doubt I could pull it off myself by writing that clearly.

And no I didn't buy bitcoin but I'm building a crypto related product for a friend who is a VC.

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