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Discussion on: Top JavaScript books to level up your game in JavaScript

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Mike Bybee • Edited

There's also Light Functional JavaScript by Kyle Simpson (same author as YDKJS), and I believe he's working on another, more in-depth book on functional JS.

@thegoodsheppard just saw your comment after I wrote this.

Simpson is the gold standard in technical instruction authors IMO, as he just breaks down everything so well for all experience levels. Everyone else sort of feels like a letdown after reading his work.

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Xavier Brinon


Everyone else
...that you know ;)

Without going so far, let's add Will Sentence: Excellent teacher and great energy in his FrontEndMasters classes.
Axel is also top notch: is his new book. is also good FP with JS.

We can add to the collection eloquent JS is free to browse btw.

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Greg Sheppard

Thanks Mike!—That is definitely a book I was leaning towards but didn't want to prime the response.