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Discussion on: (Not) Using Docker on Windows

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Stewart Wong

I have been running docker desktop on Windows 10 Home without a problem at all. Of cause running WSL 2 and Ubuntu 20.04 on WSL 2. And even when docker having updates, I did not need to restart my windows 10. files in WSL can be found when you put \$wsl in File Explorer or I simply enter the command explore.exe . to open File Explorer directly in the WSL directory.

If you have been developing with Windows for many years you should know that Microsoft has recently been focusing a lot on helping developers to use Windows for their development needs, and with WSL, this is a great achievement on their part.

I was at a dilemma a few months before when I was choosing between Linux laptop or Windows for my new development machine but eventually I choose Windows for it's current versatility.

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Javi Author

Thanks for your input!
In my case it wasn't that easy. I don't know where I did wrong but it just wasn't that straight forward as with Linux. Furthermore, the community arround Docker for Linux is much (much) larger that for Windows.