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Discussion on: Full-Stack Development Should Be Easier

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Nikola Stojaković

There is a good reason why we're separating our front-end and our back-end - in this way front-end part doesn't make any assumptions about the back-end, which isn't the case with your framework.

I see you centered all your design around components, but how does it work in the practice if I want to add custom logic? Are components actually used as services? What if, for example, I had a component which depends on another component, for example I had Order component which needs User component for fetching some information?

This is a nice experiment but I can't honestly see using it except for some small CRUD prototypes.

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Manuel Vila Author

The frontend and the backend are physically separated but from the point of view of the developer, it's like they are a single thing because the frontend can "inherit" some methods from the backend and call them remotely.

I don't get when you say that a frontend shouldn't make any assumption about the backend. The frontend should at least know what is exposed by the backend and how to call it. Conceptually, calling a REST API or a method is no different.

A component is just a class and you are free to compose multiple components in the same way you would compose multiple classes.

Please check out this example for something that goes beyond a small CRUD prototype.