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Discussion on: Best Back-end Web Development Frameworks

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Nikola Stojaković

When it comes to JS frameworks yes, many of them come and go. When it comes to the well established, thoroughly battle tested frameworks like RoR, ASP.NET, Spring and others, they won't go anywhere that easily. You should learn theoretical concepts behind frameworks but you should also have practical understanding of some specific frameworks to be employable.

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Peter Brown

Employers don't hire you based on whether or not you know some framework. Employers will hire you if you're a good engineer. Knowing this framework or that, or at least having it on your resume, will only get you past the HR drones.

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Nikola Stojaković • Edited on

Umm, actually they do. If I didn't know React nor Node on my current job I wouldn't be hired, no matter how good engineer I am. Every job has a list of requirements and it's not just a tool for HR but most of the time qualifications that company looks for. If you need .NET software developer you won't hire Python software developer just because that developer is a good engineer. We're talking about completely different technologies and ecosystems.

Therefore, my advice for junior engineers is; start learning some framework so you can build practical projects with it and then build up that knowledge by learning theoretical concepts.