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It massively depends on your background. I, for example have started with C++, learned that for two months, learned it from scratch by recreating all the common container types and stuff like bit operations and hex conversions, then hopped into unity, learned C# to a level where I was able to solve most problems in code and became somewhat proficient with using Unity. Since I don't have a CS degree and jobs with these technologies are rare, I picked up Front-End Web to get a foot in the door. And besides html and css make little sense at some points, I picked the whole thing up pretty quick and got atleast an idea how things work after two weeks and was able to literally browse through JavaScript and was simply amazed how easy stuff can be solved there.
Whats the reason I am writing this? To brag of course!! No joke, lul. I simply want to say by that don't always believe the stuff other people are telling you....
You never know what that guy who "made it" in four month

  1. Really did before that!! Maybe he had coding courses at highschool or was already proficient at stuff like html/ css etc.
  2. Maybe this person was working in a field that had a similar approach to solve problems
  3. Maybe that person really really really put in a HUGE amount of work! And you must ask yourself, did you really read about design patterns when you were on the way to work? Did you spend your school/ work break, to do coding challenges, read about algorithms? Do you really code every day? and I mean EVERY day for 3+ hours? If the answer to any of these questions is no, that's perfectly fine. But it also means that you are not the person who will get job-ready in 6-12 months.
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