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re: I'm just about to move from being salaried at the company I work for to a freelancing arrangement which will hopefully allow me to branch out and c...

First of all I wish you the best for the future and I hope this will work out for you!

I think you are indeed right about being really strict, that's something anyone should be for work related things and that's especially true for freelancing I guess.

As for involving other people, I think it can be as beneficial but also quite dangerous. I'd say the main risk is to start depending on other people who won't always be there. Also you want reliable people for this kind of things, that's not always easy to find (but maybe that's my trust issues speaking haha). On the other hand, if that works it can be a really good thing and a very strong advantage for you and your reputation.


You're 110% right. Finding people you can trust to do work is difficult whether you're a freelancer, a team leader or a business owner...but if you spend time really chunking the tasks into small subtasks then you can differentiate between "high risk" / "complex" tasks that you'll take responsibility for and more straightforward tasks that you may want to delegate to someone else. I guess what I'm saying is, like with programming itself, you can come up with solutions for the problems presented by freelancing by putting processes/ safeguards in place...all the best to you too!

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