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Using React 17 in the angular 11 gives the error React is not defined when makes prod build but working fine in dev build.

sumitkumar151294 profile image sumit kumar ・1 min read

Hi I am following this URL to integrate React in angular

But when I make production build then in the browser console I got the error
main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1 ERROR ReferenceError: React is not defined
at e.render (14.30350cdd70a75b908595.js:1)
at e.ngAfterViewInit (14.30350cdd70a75b908595.js:1)
at Jt (main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1)
at $t (main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1)
at Zt (main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1)
at on (main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1)
at main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1
at on (main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1)
at Rn (main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1)
at main.597a58e09c20f4baf37b.js:1

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