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Discussion on: How and Why I switch the Windows 10 to Linux (Ubuntu 18.0 LTS)

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Ubuntu has become more user friendly now, you have a snap store rather than a standard ubuntu store, and this snap adds more security and ease. You have a loads of applications already pre-installed. I also used to use windows, indeed I use it even now, but way back in 2017 I started to live boot many different linux distros including debian, ubuntu, fedora, elementary, kali, mint, and many many more. I almost live booted in many linux distros to check the one that fits my style, and I finally found ubuntu working for me. Those days it was bit hard to do things when it came to terminals, but now it's like, without terminal I don't think I do something much there. It has become a habit, a way to interact with the system and files, and specially root gives you a special taste.
I'm first year B.Tech CSE student.