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Excuse me for a dumb question, I am very very new to JS but does it mean that comparison is performed not against the number of letters in a word but for the word content, so word “aaa” would be “smaller” than “aab”?

I’m referring to this:

if the current element is less than (alphabetically before) the element you're searching for, increase the lowIndex to one more than the midIndex


Hey Serge, no worries at all! Yes, "aaa" would be before "aab" in an alphabetical sort. The length of the word doesn't necessarily matter unless you are comparing something like "aaa" vs "aa", where "aa" would come before "aaa". A real life example of an alphabetical sort would be words in a dictionary or names in a phonebook. Feel free to copy and modify the code below and play with it in something like jsbin.com (use just the javascript and console tools).

var arr = ["aaa", "aza", "aab", "aa", "ab"];
arr.sort(); //returns ["aa", "aaa", "aab", "ab", "aza"]
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