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re: Hi Sean, good luck with your adventure. I recently switched from LastPass to Bitwarden ✌🏾 If you don't mind me asking: why cloud-less? Is it about...

It's about trust yeah, plus why use cloud syncing when you don't need it?

Good tip about the dark mode thing, I'm definitely in the minority there


The advantage of the cloud syncing is that you don't have to do anything and your account is synced on all devices you have your app on. Bluetooth requires the user to initiate the connection. You can't imagine how many times I just put stuff on Dropbox, go out and then access it from my phone.


Totally get that, and there are a lot of password managers, I can think of 5 off the top of my head, that sync over the cloud.

It's just not for me… I probably represent a crazy small niche (old grumpy programmers that would rather sync their passwords locally).

ahhaha that's perfectly valid! I just wanted to know why, you've answered quite comprehensively.

Go be that old grumpy programmer, occupying a niche is a great strategy ;-)

Good luck for your project!

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