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Discussion on: Freelancers: are you using liability insurance? Which one?

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Sylwia Vargas Author

Thank you! I don’t envision that I’d have to use it but then again, no one does :)

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Haha, yes you're right

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Michael Mathy

I have the same insurance and the coverage depends of the price you pay for.

As Marc, in 20 years, I have never used it and also, if it would be the case, I always have emails or paper signed which prove that the client has tested first the application and did not see any bugs.
I think it also diminish when my insurance will be in use.

But I have also another insurance more like my family insurance for instance for all the damage I could also do during my work but not directly related with my work.
For instance, by accident, I push a printer out of a table and break it.