Discussion on: What Are Your Career Goals?

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tag hatle

Thinking about this early on is a great way to keep good perspective, especially if you're new to it (like I am!) and still learning what's even possible. My career plan is still pretty vague at the moment, besides knowing that I want the freedom of working with organizations/companies that I like. I want to contribute in ways that are meaningful, I don't want to just make better money. My advice is to be true to yourself and stay authentic to whatever you want to be and do.

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Andrew Tanner 🇪🇺

I like what you say about contributing in meaningful ways - I feel the same. I fell in love with the web about 20 years ago, it fascinated me how it can bring together the most obscure of communities for discussion but also support. There are a lot of people in our world who are desperate for support in their lives and I feel it my longterm duty to bring people closer together, support each other and try make the world a nicer place.