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I am a career changer myself. I used to work in finance but at night I would work on Wordpress sites as a hobby and when I got laid off my friends convinced me to go back to school and I got a second Bachelors degree to get into web. I didn't know about bootcamps at the time so thats why I went and got a second degree.

That was 3 years ago...Since then I have been mainly working contract job to contract job just doing the best that I can with no mentoring or any type of formal guidance.

Till this day I struggle with imposter syndrome because I feel that because I have never been trained that everything I do is wrong. I feel because I heavily rely on google to help me with dev problems...is an issue because senior devs don't need to rely on google like that...I know this is a misconception now but that was my thought process.

And when I am job hunting...imposter syndrome is like this weight that is on my shoulder feeding in the self doubt that your not good enough thats why you never got a call back or the interview. The ways that I have been conquering my imposter syndrome is trying to look on the bright side of things and trying to figure out ways to solve my problem of what can I do better.

Most important is that I have been finding dev communities to belong to and learn that I am not alone. I have also given back and I now Teach and TA to help others who want to get into tech. Everyone has their self doubts we are all human and being a senior dev or a junior dev we are not going to know everything. Learning to accept this is my way of conquering imposter syndrome.

Also recently a front end dev Brenna O'Brien gave this talk on IS that I thought was just simply amazing t.co/VumljOVN5d

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