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If someone is developer and turns into DevOps like me. This is the challenge I think I have faced. Not much familiar with system and setups and logging Which we can gradually improved. I have done it. I am still learning and exploring operation and system related tasks.

Learning tools will also require the knowledge I mentioned above. One thing I found easy for Dev turned DevOps is we are comfortable writing automation script. Though I had never written a single line of bash script before I turned out to be a most easiest job.

In the beginning, I had never understood why DevOps is the process not tools but Gradually everyone will understand the hidden treasure.

When I saw the roadmap, I though why showing same thing that is already there on github but down bellow, you have written nice information. Thanks


Thanks @taragurung. Agree, Dev turning into DevOps needs to be strong on Linux and bash scripting and that's what this DevOps RoadMap also highlights it, but it's more a process than tools. No doubt tools are important but having a mindset on automation helps a lot. Thanks for your comment and adding value.

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