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Discussion on: Yes, ColdFusion is "Unpopular". No, I don't care.

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Michaela Light

Great article! Yes popularity, as measured by Google searches, is not a good metric for how useful or good a programming language is. For that matter counting questions on StackOverflow is not ideal either - if the language community uses other platforms for discussing code. Such as CF Slack channel or FB groups.

CFML has forged ahead in the last five years - with regular releases and all the major eco-system tools and libraries. Such as CommandBox, ColdBox, ForgeBox, Foundeo security tools, FusionReactor etc.

CF security is way ahead of Java or PHP or .NET as measured by CVE.

The various CF conferences are growing each year.

Nowadays ColdFusion is modern, vibrant and secure. I wrote a book about that last year called CF Alive that goes into this data and resources in more detail. And how all CFers can help make it more alive.