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Discussion on: I love writing scripts to solve small problems

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Tero Y • Edited on

Just for fun, here is the way I would most likely currently do this – using the fish shell instead of bash. Bash is, of course, more standard and concise, but the fish version is much more readable – fish has IMO much of the same elegance and delight as Python. Fewer special characters ($), more intelligent variable handling (less worrying about remembering to quote everything), etc.

Less street cred for producing esoteric incantations though. :-)

for f in (find . -iname "*.pdf")
    set file (basename $f)
    set number (string match -r "\((.*)\)" $f)[2]
    set number (printf "%02d" $number)
    cp -v $f "./Output/$number - $file"

(The string matching and printf could be combined into one line, but since fish has multi-line command editing as a standard feature, doing the two things separately makes the code more readable.)

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Juha-Matti Santala Author

This looks great!

Much easier to read and understand than the bash pipe.