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re: Where do you find your stickers guuys ? 😭

My experience with redbubble is that the stickers came a little blurry, like they had been printed on a consumer-level printer. The die-cut was good though.


I ordered some stickers from amazon and redbubble and can't recommend it. The quality is simply miserable. Most companies have their stickers printed by stickermule (in my opinion the best company when it comes to good stickers) and distribute them on, as you said, tech events/meetups etc.

But sometimes you can just write the company a nice mail and ask for stickers. (:

Wow. I have had nothing but good experiences with both RedBubble and Amazon. I live in Florida and the heat pummels my laptop at times and I am not the gentlest with it in the first place. These stickers have held up like a champ. I guess another thing to add is Your Mileage May Vary.

Good for you :) I can only speak for myself. I live in Germany and devsticker at amazon here, are sadly overpriced stickers from alibaba. Redbubble printed my stickers on normal DIN A4 paper sheets. That was some time ago. Maybe this has changed today at redbubble, but I will never order anything there again.

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