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It is okay to hate a language. The assumption I keep seeing is you wouldn't hate a language if you knew its nuances. I disagree. I know PHP pretty damn well and I have to use it. But I hate it. I love Python, and I don't get to use it as much as I want.

Having a personal opinion about a language is okay, whether you use it or not. I don't have to try a crap sandwich to know I won't like it. I can look at a language/framework/tool and go "Yep, my experience tells me that is not for me. I don't like how it handles X Y or Z."

Hating a language and telling someone they're dumb for using it is different. I personally hate PHP, but I don't begrudge anyone using it. That doesn't mean I can't say I hate it for fear of hurting your feelings. The fact that you even have feelings to be hurt over me saying I hate a language you love in itself shows that there is more to this than just objectiveness.

You love something, I hate it. That's totally okay. We can even have a fun discussion about the whys on both sides.

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