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re: That's your opinion. I happen to know as a fact that (a) I am employed, and (b) I am not using a framework when I build my applications. I do use a...

I have been programming for over a decade. I can whip around the base language very quickly.

The requirement of a framework is actually a huge barrier for me because you have to know another language on top that obscures what is happening below. It also reduces performance, and creates a lot of abstract things to keep in mind.

I think learning frameworks first, language second is incredibly dangerous. I have known people who took that route and they've often abandoned projects because they didn't know how to do the difficult thing in the base language.

I have the opposite problem. Throw me some code written in vanilla js/php, and i can quickly grasp it and hack on it. Throw an unknown framework in the mix and i am completely lost due to all the extra abstractions.

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